Adult Tutus

I am pleased to show you at last, the photos from our last photo shoot.  Follow the link below or click on “Gallery” above and then on “Adult Tutus”.

Wednesday was an exciting day for me because it was the first time I set up at the local farmers and crafters market.  I’ve always loved going to the market with my children.  The atmosphere is really nice, the people are friendly, and you get to support the local farmers and crafters. In the summer it’s especially nice to see the young musicians out there adding to the atmosphere.  

It wasn’t really the best day since it was cold and cloudy, but besides that it was a good experience.  Quite a few people came out despite the weather and I had a lot of positive feed back.  I will definately go back, though I might give it a few weeks so the weather can become a bit more predictable first :).   Even as I write these words, the rain suddenly began to pour down.  It is April after all.

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Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek

 Yesterday was a beautiful day to head downtown and get some shots of our adult sized “tutus”.  I’m not sure I’d really call these skirts tutus because when I think of tutus I envision very fluffy short skirts that stick out in all directions.  Until I started making them, I really wasn’t sure  what exactly I had in mind or how they would look but I had so many requests for them that I wanted to try something.  It was my intention for them to be a little more sophisticated than the children’s tutus yet still have that fun carefree feel to them.  I wanted them to be the kind of thing you can wear weather your going to a  dress up party, a special event, or even just for shopping the trendy streets of New York. 

After a few experiments I came up with the first one. I tried it on to see how it would hang.  I actually surprised myself with how wonderful it looked and felt.  Imagine me skipping and twirling through the house like a fairy.   I really didn’t want to take it off because It felt so whimsical and looked so feathery and light.   My husband and son just stared at me like they weren’t sure who I was anymore.    

Model Sarah, getting her hair and makeup done for the photo shoot.

 A few last-minute adjustments.

We were thankful to be able to use the Laurel Building since it was actually closed.  It’s nice to have friends in high places.

This picture features my favourite one.  It’s reversible, you can choose between black or burgundy. 

We had a lot of fun walking around to all the different locations and we had some nice comments and a lot of looks.   Don’t forget to leave your own comment before you leave and make sure to keep checking back to see the final photos.

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My First Creations

It only takes following me back to high school for a moment to see that sewing and I got off on the wrong foot.  I confess that I was never a natural seamstress and felt completely discouraged as I sat in class with my trusty seam ripper in hand, watching the other girls proudly display their beautiful frocks.  Yes, the seam ripper and I spent more time together than I would ever care to admit.  Sewing seemed to come so easily to my mother, who actually enjoyed the hobby. In fact, one summer when I returned home from vacation with my grandparents, I found a newly sewn wardrobe that my mother had kept herself busy making in my absence.  Truly inspiring!!

 Some time after I finished high school, I also had a daughter and became inspired to make some little outfits for her.  Of course I was highly dependent on my mother for help at first, and yes, I did get to spend some more time with my friend the seam ripper.  Here is a picture of my first project. 

 Pretty simple but not a bad start and I have to admit that it was actually kind of fun.

Here is a picture of a simple white dress I made for my daughter Avery when she was about four years old.  (worn in this photo by her cousin Sarah)I have always loved plain white dresses on little girls because they are perfect for any occasion.  I’m talking from running and twirling in the garden, to church or other special places.   They are also very attractive with a pinafore worn over top in the colder months of the year.

There came a time when I was asked to sew dresses for some of the girls in Avery’s Irish dance class. This landed me the job of sewing about 10 more dresses for an adult class.  That was the first time I ever got paid for sewing.

Here’s Avery in one of the play dresses I made her.  She wore this dress for all sorts of occasions. 

This is one of the last dresses I ever made.  Nearly ten years have past since that time and I have made friends with the sewing machine and am ready to get started again. 

Keep checking back for updates.  We just did a photo shoot today featuring our adult sized “tutu” style skirts. Writer/Photographer, Lori-Anne Charlton Poirier from did a fabulous job taking the photos. I’m excited about giving you a behind the scenes sneak peek with in the next few days.

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